Types of Luggage Cart Available

When you go out looking for a product to purchase and do not know much about it, you are often surprised at the range and types that are available to you. The same applies to when you go shopping for a cart for your luggage. This article hopes to give you some insight as to what is out there so you can decide what you need first.

I have managed to come up with four categories that the luggage cart can fall into:

• Standard
• Light Weight
• Folding
• Micro

Standard –These are also known as front of house. It is the type that you see at the front of hotels where all your luggage is piled upon. These are heavy and sturdy and mostly have a carpeted platform. There is no need for them to have the ability to fold or to be light.

Light Weight –This may or may not be important to you and will depend on the type of travel you do or the luggage you have. For most though it is important. In addition to carrying your luggage you will also need to look after your cart and you will already be exhausted enough trying to fuss with a really heavy cart so you should get a lightweight luggage cart.

Folding –There are a few types of folding luggage cart for your luggage. Some can fold up into a really small and compact piece while others will advertise that their one is foldable but the only part that does is the base, so it makes it flat but not compact. Your needs will determine which type you end up with at the end of the day and if this is you then you will get a luggage cart folding small one.

Micro –These would be a combination of two of the above categories. A micro luggages cart would definitely be a folding one but would have a really great way to fold up so that it is really small and you can tuck it away under the seat in front of you. Of course it would have to be light weight also and is generally made from aluminum. This is the best material to use because it is strong and light and does not rust. They also do not cost too much.

Hopefully you are now more informed than you were before you started reading. There is another post that talks about brands like the travelite luggage folding cart and it will help you to choose too. It is always easier to buy a small luggage cart when you know what you are looking for. Happy travelling and good for you for not having to carry your luggage the hard way.

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