Traveling light

The leaner the luggage, the greater the fun. Every travel-hardened tourist follows this dictum religiously and carries only the most essential items with them. When on a long tour to some distant land even the barest of items can prove to be pretty bulky. The need of the hour is then to find a bag that will be convenient to carry as well as sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear that is associated with hectic traveling. Imaginatively designed after anticipating every need of a traveler, American Tourister has indeed made packing less stressful. Performance tested at fully loaded capacity, each and every travel bag of American Tourister, adheres to a stringent quality control standard.

American Tourister: a reliable carrier

A traveler’s luggage has to be relatively small in size. American Tourister luggage and garment bags are very deceptive in their size / capacity ratio. In spite of their seemingly economical measurements, opening a zipper can expand these bags.

Organizing everything that one needs in one bag while traveling can be a problem. Not so with an American Tourister bag. Lot of pockets ensures good organization. Inline skate wheels enhance maneuverability. Elastic cross straps and push-button lock handle has made these types of bags easy to carry around. With a warranty of 10 years, American Tourister has become a traveler’s best friend.

American Tourister: A wide choice of bags

American Tourister produces bags that can be carried on airlines; such is the fit and the design. Top carry handles ensures easy lift and non-slip shoulder strap not only equally disburses the weight but also ensures hands-free carrying. The American Tourister Wheeled Duffel has smooth inline skate wheels, retractable handle, three pockets and a main packing area. The Ultravalet Garment Bag has made packing and unpacking very easy. American Tourister II Boarding Bag also has the provision of toiletry kit.

American Tourister luggage has slowly grown to become an indispensable part of a traveler’s “must have” list. Carrying your luggage while touring had never been easier before.

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