Rimowa luggage is known for its classic design ahead of its time

Since the 1930’s, Rimowa luggage has been made out of an aluminum structure with the Rimowa groove design and the best in German craftsmanship. Rimowa luggage sets have become famous worldwide for it’s modern design, lightweight, durability and aesthetic appeal. They are considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium suitcases. Luggage colors include both Silver and Gold.

If you’ve already decided on purchasing a luggage piece from Rimowa, then you know the great features this luggage has to offer like sturdy and stable base legs, combination locks with double and triple security made of hard metal, 2+4 roller system and extra large steering rollers, retractable pilot handle and all of them meet specified IATA standards.

The various collections from Rimowa include, Salsa Collection, Topaz Gold Collection, Pilot Cases

Rimowa Salsa luggage collection is one of the lighest luggage sets on the market. Created of lightweight and durable polycarbonate. The series consists of the following models such as, Cabin Trolley, Upright Trolley, laptop case, Rucksack case and Attache case. Sizes include, 21″, 26″, 29″, 32″.

The Topaz luggage collection from Rimowa was created in the 1950’s. These cases are are designed to be resistant to high humidity levels and extreme temperature fluctuations. The exterior of the Rimowa case is made of sturdy aluminum-magnesium. Models to review include, Attache Case and Piccolo.

Aluminum Pilot cases from Rimowa come in a few models such as, Combi-Pilot 90720, 95044, 95050 and the 92850. Some of the features include, secure combination locks, sturdy aluminum case,

Choose from Rimowa travel and business suitcases like Silver Integral 923, Samba 826, Bolero 861, Topas 928, Limbo 874, Classic Flight 976, Pilot 907, and Columbus 706 series. There are also travel piece collections like special model industrial cases, and Tropicana camera and video cases.

You can search online for all sorts of Rimowa travel luggage. Internet merchants sell everything from Rimowa attaches, pilot cases, board cases, beauty cases, cabin trolley and all wheel trolleys. Do your research and you will find great discounts and deals on your favorite luggage sets from Rimowa.

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