Product Review On Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On

Previously, you may have only seen soft cover luggage bags on airports and train terminals, however recently the trend has been changing and moving towards hard shelled cover suitcases such as those made with the ABS plastic or polycarbonate plastic. The Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On is the perfect example of a hard cover suitcase which seems to be a famous choice among women who like to travel with trendy and fashionable bags.

The Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Overview:

Picking out the perfect luggage can be a tricky task since there are so many in the market to choose from nowadays. Thus it is important to understand the features that each has to offer to you so that you may make a satisfying decision. Following is a meticulous and detailed outline of the features that the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On has to offer you.

Durable exterior: Since this resilient luggage is made of the ABS and polycarbonate material, it is highly durable, protecting your belongings from any potential harm and is also very lightweight at only 6.5 pounds. The hard cover also allows you to choose from 4 different colors and 4 different designs to match your personality and preferences. For easy mobility, the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On comes with 4 tough wheels that have the capacity to move in 8 different directions unlike other carryon suitcases. Moreover, for easy maneuverability, there is also a strong telescoping push button handle.

Roomy Interior: At only 21 inches length and 13 inches width, some people may doubt the internal capacity of the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On. However, the spacious compartment is roomy enough for you to pack easily for a weekend vacation and even after being fully stuffed to the brink; it still feels lightweight and does not exceed the carryon regulations of airlines. For added organization, the bag comes with an interior polyester lining and mesh and elastic pockets to hold your personal accessories.

Machine wash: The Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On can also be machine washed which makes this the most attractive feature of its many novel features as it cannot be found in other suitcases. Moreover, this way you don’t need to clean the luggage on your own but instead just put it in the washer for a quick wash.

The Pros and Cons of buying the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On:


  • Rotatable wheels.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Polycarbonate and ABS make it highly durable.


  • Does not have the capacity for holding last minute items.
  • May be a little big for some airplane compartments.

What do customers have to say about the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On:

Since customer feedbacks are an easy way of obtaining information pertaining to the effectiveness and working lives of any product, I also went over 200 customer feedbacks to get a thorough and extensive understanding of the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On. Over 130 people seemed to award it 5 stars which highlights a positive trend in the purchasing power of this bag. Especially women seemed to appreciate the array of designs and colors that this bag is available in as it made travelling look stylish and trendy. However, there were some people who complained that this tough bag seemed to catch on scratches very easily.


Even though the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On may not have the capacity to hold on to any last minute extra luggage, it is none the less a perfect option for a carryon luggage especially for short trips as it can carry a good load of belongings easily without adding extra weight or exceeding the airline regulations for carryon suitcases. Moreover, you can also find it on Amazon for only $65 which is very reasonable as compared to other luggage options.

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