Product Review For Samsonite Luggage

Before buying any appliance or merchandise, you must understand what it has to offer you in terms of its features. Also, these are specifically important for potential online buyers since they do not have access to the product first hand.

The Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner Overview:

Following is an extensive overview of the features that the Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner has to offer to you.

Lightweight: Frequent travelers like to travel with minimum luggage and not just in terms of the amount of belongings they take with them but also in terms of the suitcase’s weight itself. But you need not worry about this with the Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner because at 21 inches, it only weighs around 11.5 pounds which not only makes the luggage light weight, but also easy to fit into any over head compartment of most airlines.

Durable exterior: This slick and stylish luggage comes fully covered in a high tech 1680d polyester material which is not only easy to clean and resilient to dirt but also waterproof and a great feature especially if you plan on having this luggage in your life for a long time. Additionally, there are also corner protectors which reduce the chances of any unforeseen tears and also a front pocket for last minute packing. Moreover, the most attractive feature of the Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner is its 4 wheels which can easily rotate to a 360 degrees angle and are durable since they function well on even uneven surfaces. There is a side handle and a top handle for easy mobility as well.

Spacious interior: The Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner has the capacity to hold a considerably large amount of luggage and still be able to meet all carryon standards with convenient mobility. Its high tech self mending quality zippers are exclusive and easily secure your belongings with the help of the Travel Sentry Locks. The interior compartment also has mesh pockets and a wet pack to help you compartmentalize your belongings and at the same time keep your clothes dry as well.

The Pros and Cons of buying the Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner:


• Durable and quality efficient exterior.
• Cross straps to keep your stuff in place
• Expandable top to accommodate additional possessions.


• Does not come in many colors.
• Can easily trip over.
• Does not fit the criteria of all airlines carryon policies.

What do customers have to say about the Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner:

Customer feedbacks are an easy way of getting firsthand knowledge about the workings of any product and thus prove to be a valuable source of information for all online shoppers. Samsonite is a well reputable company and after going over a hundred customer feedbacks, it was apparent that the Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner was indeed a much appreciated luggage. People were pleased with its spacious inner compartment which effectively held many of their belongings, and they also commented on its highly durable body and wheels. However, there were a few people, who complained that the bag’s handles seem to be a bit flimsy and some even mentioned that they came off after very little usage.


The Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner is the perfect definition of quality and capacity, all in one in. Its highly durable body and spacious interior along with tough wheels are its novel features that most frequent travelers look for in a luggage. Moreover, it easily fits into many over head compartments of most flights but not in all. Thus if you are looking for all the above mentioned features in a luggage then the Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner is the best option for you. Furthermore, you can easily get it on Amazon for only $108 which is a much cheaper price compared to many other suitcases.

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