Making the right choice when it comes to luggage depends heavily on the type of travel that you intend to do. If you believe that you will be visiting many places, then keep in mind that you will be required to climb up and down stairs, through turnstiles, barriers, in and out of cabs, busses, trains, and everywhere else we intend to go, you’ll have to be able to lift it, carry it for distances, fit it into racks, and raise it above your head into overhead compartments. In almost every circumstance, it’s better to have two smaller pieces than one larger, heavy one. Currently, airline restrictions permit only one piece (other than your purse) into the cabin, and the other must be checked.

There are a number of elements you’ll need to keep in mind when you select your luggage:

The size of your luggage will need to make it convenient, easy, and it must fit into restrictions of your travel choice. For example, if you’re flying, your carry-on MUST fit into the overhead compartment, or underneath the seat ahead of you.

The maximum weight you’ll be allowed for your carry on luggage will be 40lbs (18kg). For that reason, you’ll want to get luggage that is as light as possible – remembering that soft sided luggage is considerably lighter than hard sided.

Luggage with wheels has become wildly popular since it’s so easy to pull along in an airport or hotel lobby. Remember, though, they take up a minimum of 2 inches of space (smaller wheels are virtually useless), and 4-5 pounds. Depending on the situation, a comfortable shoulder strap might be a move viable option.

Cheap quality luggage is a waste of money. You need your material, stitching, pockets and wheels to withstand both weather and rough handling (of both you and transportation personnel).

Luggage should be considered an investment. The most long-lasting and practical will mean that you’ll get a lifetime of safe, secure, simple traveling.

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