Luggage Carts

We all intend to pack as lightly as possible, however, that’s not always the case. Especially on the return trip with all of those souvenirs that you “couldn’t do without.”

Luggage carts mean that we don’t have to pull our arms out of the sockets as we try to haul everything but the kitchen sink from destination to destination.

The art of luggage carts has become quite the industry over the last few years. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. And they don’t just consist of those giant contraptions that they have at the airport, either. The luggage carts that they have available today can be folded into an extremely manageable size and weight, so that you can tuck them in the side of your luggage when you’re not using them.

When buying your luggage carts, don’t simply pick the cheapest one on the market unless it happens to be a quality luggage cart on a substantial discount. While they may seem like a simple device, every detail makes an enormous difference to your traveling experience.

You’ll want the frame of the luggage cart to be extremely sturdy, so that no matter how much you toss on board, your luggage cart won’t dent, buckle or bend. Not only will this make it harder to move, but the odds are, that a warped luggage cart won’t fold back into its compact form.

Make sure also that the luggage cart has some good sturdy straps, hopefully with adjustable lengths, or even with bungee style cards. These will make sure that once you have your luggage onto your luggage cart, it will stay in place, even going up and down ramps, over curbs, up stairs and escalators. The last thing you’ll want to do when you’re rushing to get on your plane is scramble to pick everything up when they’ve dumped off the side of your luggage cart.

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