Luggage accessories

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, when you’re “on the go” it’s often the little things that can make or break your travel experience. Taking along these practical travel accessories can make you and your family more comfortable, and your trip much more pleasant.

Auto accessories — Extra help on the road

Automobile travel is so much a part of our daily lives that it’s easy to overlook those handy items that can make any car trip safer and more comfortable. Travel accessories for your car include seat and cargo organizers, lumbar support and seat cushions, travel sunshades, highway safety and first aid kits, map accessories and power inverters you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter for instant 120 volt AC power anywhere.

Luggage accessories — Help handling your bags

Any seasoned traveler knows that dealing with your luggage is a big part of every trip. Make sure your luggage accessories are up to the job. Take along a locking strap and comfort grip handle, a foldaway suitcase for all those extras you’re bringing home, luggage tags, seals and TSA approved keyed luggage padlocks, and even a luggage cart you can pack insideyour bag.

Sanitation and hygene — Staying healthy while traveling

Santitation issues are a big concern no matter where you travel. Carrying travel-sized disinfectant, personal anti-bacterial wipes and even travel bedding can help give you peace of mind. Eye shades and ear plugs are essential for insuring proper rest. There are also many effective remedies for motion sickness and jet lag that you can add to your travel accessory kit. Depending on your destination, you may want to consider on-the-go water purification. Getting sick is one sure way to ruin your trip so take precautions and stay well.

Clothing care — Looking your best away from home

It’s often quite a bit more difficult to deal with clothing issues while traveling. But, by planning ahead, you will find you can handle your clothing emergencies with ease. It’s always best to pack a small laundry kit or travel-size clesnsers and detergent. Also available are lightweight travel irons and steamers, hangers and lines, and everything you need to deal with lint, wrinkles and stains.

Pocket tools — Necessities you may not know you need

These are the handy little items that you wonder how you ever managed to get along without. Map wheels and magnifiers, a tiny, compact booklight, keychain mini-flashlight and even a pen with built-in illumination for jotting a midnight note. These and other pocket tools are great little travel accessories that are all about convenience.

Electrical accessories — Power essentials for travel

When we travel, our computers, cell phones, PDA’s, and an assortment of other electonics go with us. These gadgets and gizmos have become essential to our work and play, whether we are at home or on the road. One thing they all require is power to operate and that can present a challenge when traveling. Consider that you will surely need one or more of the following: chargers, adaptors, power inverters, surge protectors, battery backup and, depending on where you are traveling, you may need voltage converters and step-down transformers. Determine the requirements of your equipment and choose accordingly.

It’s always best to be prepared

Travel can be fun, exciting and rewarding but it can also present a unique set of challenges. Don’t you owe it to yourself to take advantage of every resource available? As you make your travel plans, think of all the little difficulties you may encounter and make a check list. Whatever your needs, there are travel accessories that will solve virtually all your travel difficulties, big or small. Give yourself a break and shop online for your travel accessories. We have found that the selection and prices are best at the merchants listed below.

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