Kipling luggage & backpacks, for discounted prices online

The list of luggage available from Kipling includes, backpacks, duffles, computer carry, handbags, travel bags, messengers, mini packs and slings. All Kipling travel bags and luggage are made from durable nylon, that can withstand everything from hiking trips to careless baggage handlers. They have lots of pockets to hold everything from digital cameras to cellular phones.

Some of the models from Kipling to review include, Alcatraz, Kangaroo, Coast Weekend, Sherpa, Trekking, Radar Messenger, Fuji, Candy Top, Inca, Amour, Iris, Dido, Lancelot, Destinee, Capella, Chara, Lyra, Charon, Caronia, Phyllis, Capital, Futuna, Morrisey Hobo and Parachute from Kipling. When it comes to colors there is no shortage. Find a ton of bright colors such as red, lime green, blue, beige, turquoise, black and white.

All the laptop cases, handbags, backpacks and luggage sets from Kipling are more casual, designed for active young adults with travel in their mind from hiking mountains in Canada to exotic holidays in Mexico. Prices range anywhere from $40 right up to $200. Looking for cheap prices, then check the discounted deals available through online luggage merchants such as

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