Kids Luggage

Having fun on the road

How would you like to spend the weekend with Spiderman? Or, go on a holiday with Dora the Explorer? Your child can do just that with their own kid’s character luggage.

Are you looking for a kid’s backpack, suitcase or a kid-sized duffel? Even kid’s rolling luggage is available in cool colors, fabrics and shapes. Your young one won’t mind toting his or her own bag when it’s got wheels!

All their favorite friends

They’re all here.Scooby Doo, Hello Kitty, Dora, Spider-Man, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Wiggles, Madeline, Thomas the Tank, Spongebob, Bratz, Power Rangers, Care Bears, Barbie, Transformers, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, My Scene, Hot Wheels, Fairly Oddparents, Polly Pocket and Tinkerbell are all featured on kid’s backpacks, bags and rolling luggage.

Perhaps your son has a special spot in his heart for giraffes. Or your daughter is crazy about birds. There are wonderful plush backpacks and child-sized luggage shaped like a variety of animals that would be a perfect gift before their next trip. Dogs, lions, pandas, cows, cats, elephants, ponies, pigs, zebras – whichever would be most special to your child can become their new travel mate.

Or, choose from their favorite hero or activity for a bag that can double as a gear tote. Soccer, dance, glamour, fireman, rodeo, horse riding, and astronaut are all available as kid’s totes, backpacks and purses.

Are we there yet?

For a kid, there’s nothing more fun than taking a familiar face along on a trip, especially when that face is on their luggage. Packing will be less of a chore when they are packing their very own special kid’s bags with their clothing and toys.

Travel can be exciting but stressful for the whole family, and for children especially so. They may feel more secure knowing a familiar friend is going along with them.

Also, keep checking back at Luggage ‘n’ Travel Accessories. Soon we will feature a series of articles on travel activities for both younger and older children.

Features to look for

• Adjustable, padded straps for comfortable carrying
• Kid sized (especially important in children’s backpacks)
• Reflective accents
• High quality zippers and clasps
• Large opening for easy access
• Warranty ( 90 days to 1 year = good; 2 year = better; 3 year = best)

Shop online for the best deals

Don’t worry about the difficulty in finding the character luggage or animal backpack that will light up your child’s face. You can search and shop right online and have the greatest selection at your fingertips. Finding the right child’s luggage or kid’s backpack will be a snap and you can count on finding great discounts and special deals like free or low-cost shipping too. We’ve searched the Internet for the very best selection and greatest discounts so browse through our suggested merchants to find a backpack or travel bag your kid will cherish.

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