High Sierra luggage, backpacks & bags for anything you need to carry with you

High Sierra focuses on rugged well built luggage for outdoor use, from laptop cases, duffels, gear bags, wheeled backpacks and luggage. Being one of the top 10 outdoor companies in the USA, High Sierra knows the business of luggage.

The luggage collection from High Sierra consists of Cove Island, A.T Gear Classic, Day Packs, Hydration Packs, Internal Frame, Lumbar, A.T. Gear Access, Cross-Sport Duffel, M2, A.T Gear, Access Micro Suede, RSX Lightweight Series, Wheeled Backpacks, XP and the AT Gear Ballistic.

Whether you need a gym bag or wheeled luggage, High Sierra has something cool for you, in any color you can think of from, red, blue, black, gray, orange and green.

One of the most popular luggage from High Sierra is, backpacks. They offer so many different types to choose from, you might end up buying 2. Some of the backpacks from High Sierra worth reviewing include, Turnstyle, Magnum, Fat-Boy Pack, Raparound Pack, Reverb Pack, Airhead, Swerve, Sonic, Jackknife Pack, Crunk Pack, Jones Pack, Holmes Pack, Access, Tank Pack. Prices range around $45. From the mesh water bottle pocket to the zippered front CD player pocket, there are more pockets that you can use.

What size do you need? 18″, 22″, 24″, 26″ or 32″ inches, High Sierra has it, to fit everything from travel clothing, skiis, hiking boots, to your CD player and gym shorts!

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