Essential Items That Should Be In A Luggage Set

This site will provide all the information to help you choose the right type of luggage the right set for you and your needs. That is why we called this site a helper one because that is what we do.

There are a few types of luggage set available and we will go through and list what you get in each one because every set is different after all. We will talk about 4 here:

1. 2-piece
2. 3-piece
3. 4-piece
4. 5 and more pieces

1. 2-piece – this is the most basic of all the sets. You will get 2 basic pieces of luggage. One is the main larger piece that you will check in and the other is hand luggage and will be of a size that fits into the ‘place your hand luggage here to see if it’s the right size’ thing. You probably already have a few items like this but they are not a set but it is always stylish to have one. The carry on or hand luggage can be of either type of roll on or over the shoulder.

2. 3-piece – this type has exactly the same with one addition and this addition is a smaller mid sized luggage. You can use this type for short trips or even on long trips where you end up buying a lot of gifts and extra items to bring back home (or take the other way of course).

3. 4-piece – Depending on the brand and type of luggage set you get this range with this many pieces varies a bit. Your fourth item can be another mid sized luggage or it could be another carry-on sized. If it is another carry-on sized one then you will get one of the roll on variety and one of the over the shoulder variety. Sometimes the extra mid sized one is the same standard shape or it could be a large duffel bag type for example.

4. 5 and more pieces –with five or more pieces you can be sure of many variations. As discussed in the section above you will most likely get all both carry ons and both mid sized types as well as the larger luggage that you get in all sets. As far as the ‘and more’ this can include a toiletry bag or a laptop bag or even both.

So there you have it, an explanation of all of the essential items you should expect when you go and purchase your set. A set that will suit your wants and needs.

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