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Buying a luggage bag is entirely different from buying a shopping bag. When it comes to shopping bag, you are more concerned with the style than the durability. On the other hand, in the case of luggage bag, you have to look after a number of things at a time. A luggage bag cannot be selected randomly as it needs your time and attention to buy the luggage bag which is actually worth your money. Here, I am going to describe the key points which you should keep in mind while buying luggage bag. These points will definitely help you to select the right type of luggage bag.

Buyers Guide:

Keep following things in your mind when it comes to buying luggage bag:

Where to Use?

An important thing to keep in mind while buying a luggage bag is the type of trip for which you are using it. For instance, if you are going to fly, you need a carry on lightweight bag but in case of hitch hiking or adventures like this, you need a backpack bag which is easy to move with.


Material of luggage bag is also a matter of concern. Different types of materials are used for manufacturing of luggage bags such as different synthetic polymers, fabric etc. The best fabric that is used for manufacturing or quality luggage bag is ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is resilient towards abrasion or any mechanical damage to bag surface. Thus, select the luggage bag that is made of quality material.

Organized Compartments

The next thing you should keep in mind is the luggage bag compartment size and capacity. Prefer such luggage bags which have well designed compartments which not only store your stuff but also keep it organized.

Handles, Zippers and Straps

There are some things which you should manually check prior to buying luggage bags such as handles, zippers and straps. Handles and straps should offer excellent grip for holding purpose whereas the zips should be smooth and easy to open and close.


Durability is the most important attribute of any product. No matter how unique and versatile any product is, if not durable, is not worth buying. In case of luggage bag, its stuff, frame, and design, waterproof ability is the criteria to judge the durability of product. So, check these things prior to buying.

Weight and Size

For travelling purpose, you cannot afford heavy and large size bags. That is why making sure the bag you are going to buy is light in weight and is of moderate size which an individual can easily keep with him all the time. Thus, weight and size are also key points to consider while buying luggage bag.


Last but not the least, the thing you should consider is the warranty of a product. Warranty of any product is the clear indication of its good quality. Always prefer the warranted products over non warranted one so that in case you find any problem in the product you can easily replace or renew it.

These are some key points that every person should consider who is interested in buying best luggage bag. These things will definitely help you decide which bag is worth buying and which is not.

Your Decision Can Make Difference

We tried to fulfil our responsibility with full justice and loyalty. Now, you need to take buying decision. Remember that your decision can make difference so be very careful while taking buying decision. Evaluate and compare the features of all these 5 carry-on luggage bags and buy the one that suits you most. I hope and expect that this information will be helpful for you.

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