Benefits of carry on luggage

Your travelling experience predominantly determines the kind of luggage you will need to carry with you. And the kind of luggage is directly related to the kind of items you will be carrying with you. If your travel plan requires you to navigate around bustling airports and stations, then a light weight soft sided luggage will prove to be the best option for you. But if the items you are carrying are fragile and delicate then a hard sided luggage would do the job better. Thus, it is important to understand the things you have to transport and the luggage best suited for it.

Overview of the Hard and Soft sided luggage:

Some people often get confused which kind of luggage to get. So before we move on the benefits of buying either a soft sided luggage or a hard sided luggage, I will give you a basic overview of what either one really is. The most basic difference between the two is that one is made of a durable soft fabric like polyester, ballistic nylon or leather while the other is made of a tough hard wearing material such as polycarbonate, ABS plastic or polypropylene. Both of them have distinct properties and benefits which will be discussed below.

Benefits of buying the Hard sided luggage:

1. Durability: Since a hard sided luggage is made up of materials such as aluminum and polycarbonate, they are hard wearing and long lasting if maintained well.

2. Protection: Inventors have come up with shells that are dent and scratch resistant which coupled with stain and water resistant properties, ensures the safety and protection of your valuables against bumps, falls and weathering. In addition, they also come with TSA approved locks which an amateur cannot open.

3. Weight: Famous brands such as Samsonite and Travelpro have started manufacturing hard shell covers with materials that are not too heavy thus catering to the needs of a modern traveler.

4. Mobility: Unlike soft sided luggage bags, these come with four multidirectional wheels making maneuverability and mobility easy especially in tight spaces.

5. Convenience: Nowadays, you get to travel in a much more stylish way with different shell designs. Moreover, they are easier to clean and be stacked without destroying their frame. Some high quality luggage in this category can also be used as a footrest or resting stool during travelling.

Benefits of buying the Soft sided luggage:

1. Lightweight: Globally, soft sided luggage bags are still considered to be much lighter than hard luggage bags especially since they weigh half of what a typical 29 inches hard sided bag would.

2. Maneuverability: Since they are made of a flexible fabric, they can easily be stored and shoved in overhead compartments without much damage at all.

3. Size matters: Their soft side nature allows them to expand a little extra for additional last minute items. Some even come with an added zipper for this feature specifically.

4. Content accessibility: Unlike hard sided luggage, soft sided suitcases are known for their extra compartments and dividers which make organization much easier for the traveler. You may also come across exterior pockets for basic items like a magazine or slim laptop.

5. Durability: In contrast to hard luggage which may ultimately crack if misused, soft ones are shock absorbent thus can be easily stacked one on top of the other and even when used roughly, it does not affect their overall functioning.

The benefits of either kind of luggage are justified in their own specific way which may confuse you when going to buy one. However, nowadays people are more inclined towards getting a Hybrid luggage which embodies some characteristics of both kinds of luggage into one. But even then you need to first identify with the benefits of each individually in order to prioritize which ones you would want in your Hybrid luggage. Yet, they are not as reliable as a pure soft or hard sided luggage so it is recommended you go for either based on your travelling needs since the prices of both are reasonable.

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