Backpacks are so practical

Backpacks are multi-functional and extremely practical. Just make sure you are buying the right backpack for your particular needs. The design of the pack will be different depending on the intended use.

The most common backpacks are those used for carrying books and school supplies. Some other specific types of backpacks are laptop backpacks, briefcase backpacks, hiking backpacks, daypacks and smaller backpack purses.

External-frame or internal-frame

There are two major types of backpack construction: the external frame and the internal frame.
External frame backpacks are those intended to be used by the serious hiker or outdoor traveler. The external aluminum bars allow for sleeping bags and the like to be lashed to the outside of the pack. This type of pack is usually quite large and rides high on the back.

The internal frame backpack, or rucksack, is the most common and the one we would typically need for carrying our books, computer and personal items around town or for light traveling. They are not as heavily padded as the hiking models, but are more practical for around town and are considerably less expensive.

Kid’s Backpacks

Children love character backpacks and you can find these available with virtually any favorite character from cartoons and movies. Spider man, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, hello kitty, Kim Possible, Harry Potter and Bratz are all hugely popular backpacks with kids. Also ScoobyDoo, Elmo, Dora the Explorer, Care Bears, dinosaurs, Bob the Builder, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie are perennial backpack favorites.

The main thing to look out for with children’s backpacks is that they don’t overload them thereby making them too heavy. Parents should make sure that kids wear their backpacks properly using both shoulder straps and not wear them to one side. Rolling backpacks are also good for kids but check to make sure they are allowed in school before you buy.

Backpacks are available in a rainbow of colors, with neon pink at the head of the class for girls. One-strap, rectangular messenger bags are the most popular type of bag this year, but one-shoulder sling backpacks are hot, as well as two-shoulder packs in bright or metallic colors.

A practical accessory

For older students and adults, the most popular backpacks are either top-loading or front-loading models. Both types of packs may also be outfitted with a number of smaller zippered compartments and easy-to-access areas to stow a cell phone or umbrella.

The top-loading type is great for smaller backpack-style carriers and handbags but less practical for accessing books and other large items. Front loading backpacks have a large c-shaped zipper and offer easier access to the items inside the backpack, but may look less “stylish” than their top-loading counterparts.
Related styles of packs similar to the back pack also include the flight bag, sling bag, surf bag, skate pack and the DJ bag.

Popular makers

Popular names of quality backpacks include: North Face, Jansport, Nike, Kelty, Columbia, Prada, Roxy, Louis Vuitton, Volcom, Gucci, Gregory, LL Bean, Oakley, Hurley, Dakine, Eastpak, Billabong and Osprey.

Other types of bags

Similar to the backpack is the fanny pack. Useful when you don’t have as much to carry or just need a smaller pack. Also can be used in front and called a waist pack. I use mine instead of carrying a purse particularly when traveling or going to theme parks, festivals or fairs. It is convenient to access and I can easily carry my wallet, cell phone, and other personal items and still have room for my small camera.

Shop online

Whether you are looking for a practical backpack for school or work, or a stylish designer backpack as a wardrobe accessory, you can enjoy shopping for the perfect pack online. Online shopping can’t be beat for finding a huge selection and the best price.

Take our advice and check out the selection of backpacks online. You will certainly be pleased with the great quality, prices, special deals and discounts you can find when you search and order online today.

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