Kids Luggage

Having fun on the road

How would you like to spend the weekend with Spiderman? Or, go on a holiday with Dora the Explorer? Your child can do just that with their own kid’s character luggage.

Are you looking for a kid’s backpack, suitcase or a kid-sized duffel? Even kid’s rolling luggage is available in cool colors, fabrics and shapes. Your young one won’t mind toting his or her own bag when it’s got wheels!

All their favorite friends

They’re all here.Scooby Doo, Hello Kitty, Dora, Spider-Man, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Wiggles, Madeline, Thomas the Tank, Spongebob, Bratz, Power Rangers, Care Bears, Barbie, Transformers, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, My Scene, Hot Wheels, Fairly Oddparents, Polly Pocket and Tinkerbell are all featured on kid’s backpacks, bags and rolling luggage.

Perhaps your son has a special spot in his heart for giraffes. Or your daughter is crazy about birds. There are wonderful plush backpacks and child-sized luggage shaped like a variety of animals that would be a perfect gift before their next trip. Dogs, lions, pandas, cows, cats, elephants, ponies, pigs, zebras – whichever would be most special to your child can become their new travel mate.

Or, choose from their favorite hero or activity for a bag that can double as a gear tote. Soccer, dance, glamour, fireman, rodeo, horse riding, and astronaut are all available as kid’s totes, backpacks and purses.

Are we there yet?

For a kid, there’s nothing more fun than taking a familiar face along on a trip, especially when that face is on their luggage. Packing will be less of a chore when they are packing their very own special kid’s bags with their clothing and toys.

Travel can be exciting but stressful for the whole family, and for children especially so. They may feel more secure knowing a familiar friend is going along with them.

Also, keep checking back at Luggage ‘n’ Travel Accessories. Soon we will feature a series of articles on travel activities for both younger and older children.

Features to look for

• Adjustable, padded straps for comfortable carrying
• Kid sized (especially important in children’s backpacks)
• Reflective accents
• High quality zippers and clasps
• Large opening for easy access
• Warranty ( 90 days to 1 year = good; 2 year = better; 3 year = best)

Shop online for the best deals

Don’t worry about the difficulty in finding the character luggage or animal backpack that will light up your child’s face. You can search and shop right online and have the greatest selection at your fingertips. Finding the right child’s luggage or kid’s backpack will be a snap and you can count on finding great discounts and special deals like free or low-cost shipping too. We’ve searched the Internet for the very best selection and greatest discounts so browse through our suggested merchants to find a backpack or travel bag your kid will cherish.

Garment bags

Suits and dresses require special care for wrinkle-free travel

If you travel on business or are heading to a location where you will need to wear business or formal attire, a garment bag is an absolute necessity. Also called a suiter, this bag is so aptly named because suits and dresses will arrive at your destination wrinkle-free when packed in a well designed garment bag. These bags are meant to be carried on, if you are flying, and will stow in the overhead bin or may be hung in a closet on the plane.

Garment bags are most often made of leather or fabric, usually ballistic nylon or canvas. These bags are meant to be folded either in half or thirds which makes them much easier to carry.

Look for these features

A well designed garment bag may have some of the following features:

• quality materials
• zippered pockets for shoes and other accessories
• garment curtain to protect clothing
• hanging door hook
• large hanging garment section
• snap out corner pockets
• heavy duty zippers and double zipper pulls
• removable, adjustable shoulder strap

Deluxe models may also come outfitted with additional features such as custom luggage tags and removable laundry bag.

Some popular makers

Popular makers of quality garment bags are: Briggs & Riley, Atlantic, Tumi, Victorinox, Samsonite, Vera Bradley, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Lark, Travelpro, Pierre Cardin, American Tourister, London Fog, Hartmann, Boyt, Clava and Travelon.


Most garment bags will hold from 2-6 suits or dresses. Larger models are available as rolling garment bags with wheels. Be aware that larger wheeled garment bags will be more difficult to carry on and may have to be checked into baggage.

Don’t overstuff your garment bag

Be aware that the most common misuse of a garment bag is to over pack it. Best not to try to carry so much in your suiter that it looks like it is about to burst at the seams. Clothes packed in a garment bag that looks like an overstuffed sausage will almost certainly arrive at your destination wrinkled even in the highest quality bag.

Best selection of garment bags is online

Whether you are looking for a wheeled garment bag, a lightweight ballistic nylon suiter, or a designer garment bag, the place to search for the best price and selection is right here online. Whether you are flying to a crucial business meeting or going on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise, make sure your more formal attire arrives in top shape.
Look for a quality garment bag online as you will find the best prices and super deals, such as free or low-cost shipping and great discounts. Do your research online, make your purchases online and have them shipped right to your front door.

Designer Leather Bags

Highly functional and trouble free, compact travel bags come is varying shapes and sizes that are sure to accommodate the occasional traveler Whether you are strolling around town, off for a relaxing weekend, going to an intensive seminar, or leaving on the trip of a lifetime, having the right bag at your side is a must. Spacious designs include space for shoes, suits, breakables, and all your special items.

Lightweight garment bags will protect your business and formal attire, and with the addition of special shoe and accessory compartments, you are sure to look great throughout your travels. Think of luggage as something that should be able to comfortably hold your belongings and make your travel more enjoyable by taking the weight strain off of your back and shoulders. Poorly made luggage is a sure way to put a dent in your travel plans. Damage due to careless handling can result in the loss of your personal items.

Research your choice in luggage thoroughly to make sure you get the best styles to match your travel requirements. If you travel more often by car than by air, choose to buy soft luggage, duffel bags, and garment bags as these will fit better in your car trunk than hard luggage. Designer leather bag French brand offering fashion handbags, fashion bags, leather handbags and fashion accessories. Discover also Pliages. Longchamp new Backpacks, Briefcases, Leather Luggage, Briefcase, Corporate Gifts Largest variety of leather on the travel leather briefcases, purses, backpacks, web bags, wallets and more leather accessories. Free Shipping.

You can find the best Eastsport messenger bags, Hartmann, childrens backpacks, or Ferragamo briefcase online — delivered right to your door.

Convenient protection for your investment

A laptop computer is a major investment in your professional and personal business matters. Your personal files and documents, as well as important business information, are stored in your laptop for easy access from any location. The protection of your laptop is crucial in ensuring that your important files are safe.

Laptop backpacks are an excellent way to give protection from scrapes and scratches and accidentals falls that could damage not only your laptop, but potentially make your stored documents inaccessible causing undue hardship at work or in your home business matters. Whether you choose a traditional backpack, a hipster model, or a rolling backpack, the security of your laptop computer is essential to the safety of your personal and business information.

Laptop backpacks come in various sizes and styles. A rolling backpack is ideal for the frequent traveler who requires the use of a laptop computer. A tough exterior will protect your laptop from bumps and jolts while rolling through airports and offices. Interior features such as storage for pens, papers, and other items make taking all your business needs with you convenient and easy to transport.

A traditional computer backpack style carried on the back is ideal for those carrying luggage or fragile paper documents needing personal care during travel. Free use of the hands and superb protection for your laptop computer lends confidence to any computer user.

Freedom from worry over the safety of your laptop computer gives the peace of mind needed to conduct business and store your personal photos and documents. You can even choose a computer backpack that hangs from the shoulder for quick access to your laptop and ease in carrying your important papers all in one convenient backpack. A laptop backpack is the key to your sense of security and the safety of your important documents.

Coach Leather Briefcase

Luggage That Embodies The Quality And Styling You Have Come To Expect

The right bag can make your travel easier by offering innovative solutions to meet the many needs of today’s traveler. This collection of go-anywhere gear is designed to perfor, built to last and is proven by the many value added features and outstanding warranty. A luggage set designed with your needs in mind will eliminate your travel worries.

Taking the stress out of the family vacation or important business trip requires additional planning. Your luggage must be more spacious and flexible, your route more carefully planned and your vital tools close at hand. From traditional and conservative to bright, vibrant colors, you are sure to find the style and color suited to you. Luggage is a long-term investment.

From exclusive micro-durafiber to quality leathers and unique fabrics, today’s travel gear combines innovative, quality materials in real designs to meet the demands of life. Some lightweight garment bags can hold up to eight garments plus pockets for acccessories. Bags Leather Computer Coach by Kellie K. Speed. The goods of Coach decided to produce leather founder and handbags by refining the. Most leather briefcases are somewhat expensive but at $428. Leather Briefcase Exporters, Coach Briefcase, Leather Leather. Lovson. Leather Briefcase Exporters. coach leather briefcase, leather portfolio case, leather portfolio bags, coach leather bag, manufacturing

You can find the best outdoor backpacks, stylish travel accessories, small carry-on bags, or Trager online — delivered right to your door.

Choose your travel bags

Accessories for business and pleasure

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, having the right luggage and travel accesories can make or break a trip. Choose your luggage and travel accessories wisely and you can count on having one less thing to worry about while you are gone.

Different types of luggage for a variety of travel needs

The size and type of travel bags you choose will depend as much on your mode of travel as it does on your destination. Many types of lugage can do double duty, working equally as well for your most demanding business travel, as they do for a dream vacation.

That carry-on bag can easily double as a weekender. Your messenger bag or backpack can go from urban environment during the week to weekend freedom on the road.

You’ll get much more use from quality discount luggage when you buy bags to fill a number of purposes.

When planning a trip, first things first

As soon as you begin to plan your trip, go online to find directions, tips on packing a suitcase, and practical travel ideas ranging from how to travel with your pet to the safest way to insure your laptop makes it through airport security without losing your valuable data. Be sure to browse this site for valuable information, luggage reviews and the latest tips for getting the most out of your trip while spending the least.

Family travel can be fun — children’s luggage helps kids feel at home on the road

Kid’s luggage is readily available in a variety of child size bags in bright, primary colors. Wheeled luggage comes in pretty handy when trying to negotiate a large airport or hotel with several small family members in tow.

Finding the perfect suitcase is as easy as shopping online

Choose from hardsided or softsided bags made from the latest, most modern materials, or enjoy the timeless craftsmanship of fine leather luggage. Rolling luggage, tapestry luggage or leather bags will keep your personal belongings neat and organized.

Popular brands of suitcases and bags include Travelpro, Samsonite, Victorinox, Ricardo, Hartmann and Atlantic. You can’t go wrong when you purchase quality name brand luggage at discount prices online.

Shop Online for the Best Luggage Choices and Value

Just as the Internet is perfect for helping you to make your travel plans, it is mighty handy when shopping for quality and discount luggage. You can choose the perfect bags for your trip from the comfort of your own home and have them quickly delivered to your front door.

No matter where you are going or how long you plan to be gone, having the right luggage will certainly help make your trip less stressful and more successful.

Have a Look Around

We invite you to browse this site for articles, reviews and timely tips about luggage makers, materials, types of bags, packing tips and travel information.

5 Important Advantages of Hiring a House Removal Company

It can be very frustrating to shift one’s base quite often. In fact, relocating the home can be hectic, troublesome, and time consuming. In addition, yes, there are many monetary expenses  involved  when  relocating  to  a  new  base.  However,  the  good  news  is  that there are good  house removals agencies like available  for all the transshipment tasks. Many  feel  hesitant  enough  to  hire  professionals.  However,  there  are  several  benefits associated with hiring a professional house  removal  company. This article discusses about the 5 most important advantages of taking professional help. Have a look:

Point 1

Once hired, the removal company newcastle will take care of the packaging part on behalf of the client.  It  can  be  a  real  tough  task  for  the  client  to  carry out  the  entire  packaging  by his/her  own.  The right  sized  boxes  need  to  be  purchased.  Then, there  need  to  be  the perfect defensive covering required for safe packaging. Hiring experts can help in taking care  of  these  tasks  without  making  the  client  go  through  the  troublesome  situation.

Expert removalists also carry out the unpacking as well reconstructing of the furnishings as per requirement. It helps in making the alternation from old to new house a lot easier.

Point 2

Most  of  the  moving  companies  can  easily  carry  out  the  serious  lifting  procedures required during transshipment. The transfer experts mainly hold the outsized, dedicated, and  uncomfortable  objects  with  ease.  Very  large custom made furniture Auckland items that  cannot  be disassembled  need  the  help  of  expert  professionals  for  moving  and  transshipment purpose.  These  professionals  will  carry  out  the  movement  while  taking  care  of  the goods in the best possible way.

Point 3

House  removal  professionals  can  able  to  find  the  easiest  solutions  to  client’s  storage space  problems.  There  are  a  whole  lot  of  removal  agencies  that  offers  legitimate storage space solutions at no additional cost. Try to look for those companies or at least pick the ones that offer the best of solutions at a very competitive price range.

Point 4

A  reputed  moving  company  will  definitely  take  care  of  all  the  necessary  permits.  With high level of experience, they can deal with the permit issues without much  of problem. They have the knowledge to handle the issues with the best solutions.  The moving part need  to  be  totally  stress-free.  A  reputed  moving  company  takes  care  of  the  part  with utmost  expertise.  There  is  no  further  disturbing  about  the  unusual  directions,  missing items, and roadways.

Point 5

Hiring  a  removalist  can  be  a  cheaper  option  in  the end.  These  professionals  will  take care  of  the  items  during  the  transshipment  process.  Chances  of  breakage  will  be minimal. In case of any such happening, there are suitable insurance schemes to repay the client for loss. The professional removalists carries out all the transshipment tasks, right  from  packaging  to  moving  to  unloading  and  unpacking,  installing  of  the  items before signing off.  It not only saves a lot of time but also money and effort.  Many think that hiring professional removal services can be costly. No, it need not have to  be. There  are  plenty  of  removal  agencies available.  Compare  the  rates  and  service quality through different client testimonials. Accordingly make the selection. The internet is a great place to search for the best removal companies available in locality. A person can  also  take  suggestion  from  neighbors,  colleagues, and  friends. Remember,  moving can  be  cheap  or  expensive.  Nevertheless,  the  client  should  never  compromise  quality for money.


Appearance counts

A briefcase can be many things – a mobile office, a suitcase, a computer carrier, a filing cabinet, a portable desk, and a status symbol. Your briefcase is an important aspect of your business attire, so when shopping for a briefcase, you should consider both functionality and appearance.

Details are important

Most briefcases, or attaches, are equipped with interior features for the storage of your personal items and business papers. Look for roomy main compartments with file pockets and organizational details like a handy outside cell phone pocket, and plenty of interior room. Carrying options such as adjustable shoulder strap, as well as a single or double handles, can help you manage the load.

Looking for a more ergonomically designed briefcase? Then consider a European-style vertically designed briefcase. They are easier to carry because weight is better distributed and you’re much less likely to bump into things with such a slim profile.

Stylish transportaion for your computer

If your briefcase doubles as a laptop carrier, make sure it’s equipped with a padded computer sleeve to protect your pc. Or, you may prefer a dedicated computer case or laptop backpack. These feature foam padded sides and top plus Velcro straps to secure your laptop. Look for one that has organizational elements such as pen loops, pockets for disks and file holders. Be sure there is enough room for your charger and cords, plus places to stash your PDA and cell phone.

Choose natural or man-made materials

It goes without saying that nothing epitomizes “success” to a business professional more than a luxurious leather briefcase or partner’s brief. Look for bags from Ellington, Victorinox, Bosca, Swaine Adeney Brigg, Briggs & Riley, Tignanello, Schlesinger, Mulholland Brothers, and Jack Georges. High end bags from these makers are constructed from the finest top grain leather available.

For the maximum protection of a hard-sided case, look for a silver attaché made of airline aluminum. These rugged briefcases are both attractive and practical. Graceful and refined with slim lines and tough-as-nails exterior, these sturdy attaches give your important business documents and accessories the maximum protection available. You should consider that they are somewhat heavier than their leather or nylon counterparts though.

If a lightweight briefcase is what you need, a ballistic nylon briefcase is like none you have seen before. Trim styling and clean lines make the briefcase easy on the eyes. Resistance to moisture and lightweight materials make a ballistic nylon briefcase ideal for the practical professional on the go.

The perfect briefcase for you

Whatever your particular needs – a laptop briefcase, a European-style or leather attache, aluminum or ballistic nylon briefcase – you can find a quality business case online, one that will complement your individual style and make for the easy transportation of the items you use in your home and office each day.

Baggage Basics- Styles, Price Range and Tips

In general, luggage is not a subject that is the foremost thought on the minds of most people. However, whether you are an occasional traveler or a member of the frequent flyer club, the choice in luggage can play a key role in the enjoyment of your travel adventures. Luggage designed to match the needs of each individual traveler can make the difference between a disorganized, hectic trip and a trip filled with wonderful memories.

If you are a business traveler who is constantly on the move, a lightweight yet durable set of luggage is perfect for making your frequent trips easy and stress free. Wheeled suitcases make for easy transportation of your belongings through airports and hotels. Luggage sets featuring garment bags, roomy yet compact carry-ons, and even wheeled briefcases are available for the traveler who wants it all.

A nylon exterior with reinforced corners and sides combined with an interior designed for expandability will suit the needs of most business travelers. Prices range from under $50 to over $300 and up depending on the brand name you choose and the additional features included with any particular set of luggage. Optimal storage and organization allows the frequent traveler to travel with confidence.

Those who travel on shorter trips or only travel on occasion who want ease in carrying, packing, and unpacking may opt for a duffle bag, which is made especially to be used as a carry-on, or a small lightweight suitcase. Easy luggage for a carefree travel experience is generally inexpensive and contains a large space for necessary items but a compact exterior. Highly functional and trouble free, compact travel bags come is varying shapes and sizes that are sure to accommodate the occasional traveler looking for worry-free luggage.

If you are embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure, heavy-duty luggage constructed with extremely durable outside materials and an expansive interior is an excellent choice. Protect your valuables from the rough handling in airports and airline baggage compartments with luggage made to endure vigorous handling. Spacious designs include space for shoes, suits, breakables, and all your special items.

Travelers on a long-term vacation or an extended stay away from home can pack all the necessary things required to make the trip a success. Matching accessory bags and carry-on luggage are available with some heavy-duty luggage sets for your convenience and peace of mind during extended trips. Prices vary depending on the size and features you may choose, but confidence in the safety of your belongings is imperative in making your trip the best it can be.

Luggage sets and individual pieces come in many exterior materials and colors. From traditional and conservative to bright, vibrant colors, you are sure to find the style and color suited to you.

Exterior materials range from plastic or other hard material to soft leather to long wearing nylon or canvas. You can express your individual style and special travel needs with personalized monograms, emblems, or engraved tags for easy identification of your luggage and to make a personal statement of class and fashion sense.

Traveling across the state or abroad, your luggage plays a vital role in your enjoyment and mobility. Poorly made luggage is a sure way to put a dent in your travel plans. Damage due to careless handling can result in the loss of your personal items and even the destruction of the luggage itself, leaving the weary traveler with unnecessary hassles and expense.

A well-made luggage set or compact bag can save you from a miserable travel experience and save money on items that would need to be replaced. Your time and precious personal goods are far too valuable to entrust to inferior luggage, and money spent on poorly constructed luggage is money that is essentially thrown away.

The choice of a practical, long lasting set of luggage is imperative to ensure the safety of your belongings and your peace of mind. Rolling bags and briefcases and stackable accessorizing pieces make for easy transport through airports and exotic locations as well as functional practicality on short, perhaps unplanned trips. Lightweight garment bags will protect your business and formal attire, and with the addition of special shoe and accessory compartments, you are sure to look great throughout your travels.

Inexpensive luggage sets are available at many discount retailers and specialty stores. Prices vary just as widely as do colors and styles. For the most discriminating traveler, exquisitely designed upscale luggage sets are more expensive but sure to enhance the overall travel experience. No matter what your budget allows for the purchase of luggage, you will find numerous options and types of bags to fit your needs and make a statement of your individuality and style.

Research your choice in luggage thoroughly to make sure you get the best styles to match your travel requirements. Choose wisely and keep practicality and style in mind and you will surely return from your vacation or business trip with wonderful memories and all your personal effects. Lost valuables and personal items cause stress and expense that is not conducive to pleasurable travel.

A stylish, modern and durable luggage set designed with your needs in mind will help eliminate many travel worries. Before leaving on your next trip, take the time to carefully consider the baggage that will be going along with you. It will certainly be time well spent.


Backpacks are so practical

Backpacks are multi-functional and extremely practical. Just make sure you are buying the right backpack for your particular needs. The design of the pack will be different depending on the intended use.

The most common backpacks are those used for carrying books and school supplies. Some other specific types of backpacks are laptop backpacks, briefcase backpacks, hiking backpacks, daypacks and smaller backpack purses.

External-frame or internal-frame

There are two major types of backpack construction: the external frame and the internal frame.
External frame backpacks are those intended to be used by the serious hiker or outdoor traveler. The external aluminum bars allow for sleeping bags and the like to be lashed to the outside of the pack. This type of pack is usually quite large and rides high on the back.

The internal frame backpack, or rucksack, is the most common and the one we would typically need for carrying our books, computer and personal items around town or for light traveling. They are not as heavily padded as the hiking models, but are more practical for around town and are considerably less expensive.

Kid’s Backpacks

Children love character backpacks and you can find these available with virtually any favorite character from cartoons and movies. Spider man, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, hello kitty, Kim Possible, Harry Potter and Bratz are all hugely popular backpacks with kids. Also ScoobyDoo, Elmo, Dora the Explorer, Care Bears, dinosaurs, Bob the Builder, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie are perennial backpack favorites.

The main thing to look out for with children’s backpacks is that they don’t overload them thereby making them too heavy. Parents should make sure that kids wear their backpacks properly using both shoulder straps and not wear them to one side. Rolling backpacks are also good for kids but check to make sure they are allowed in school before you buy.

Backpacks are available in a rainbow of colors, with neon pink at the head of the class for girls. One-strap, rectangular messenger bags are the most popular type of bag this year, but one-shoulder sling backpacks are hot, as well as two-shoulder packs in bright or metallic colors.

A practical accessory

For older students and adults, the most popular backpacks are either top-loading or front-loading models. Both types of packs may also be outfitted with a number of smaller zippered compartments and easy-to-access areas to stow a cell phone or umbrella.

The top-loading type is great for smaller backpack-style carriers and handbags but less practical for accessing books and other large items. Front loading backpacks have a large c-shaped zipper and offer easier access to the items inside the backpack, but may look less “stylish” than their top-loading counterparts.
Related styles of packs similar to the back pack also include the flight bag, sling bag, surf bag, skate pack and the DJ bag.

Popular makers

Popular names of quality backpacks include: North Face, Jansport, Nike, Kelty, Columbia, Prada, Roxy, Louis Vuitton, Volcom, Gucci, Gregory, LL Bean, Oakley, Hurley, Dakine, Eastpak, Billabong and Osprey.

Other types of bags

Similar to the backpack is the fanny pack. Useful when you don’t have as much to carry or just need a smaller pack. Also can be used in front and called a waist pack. I use mine instead of carrying a purse particularly when traveling or going to theme parks, festivals or fairs. It is convenient to access and I can easily carry my wallet, cell phone, and other personal items and still have room for my small camera.

Shop online

Whether you are looking for a practical backpack for school or work, or a stylish designer backpack as a wardrobe accessory, you can enjoy shopping for the perfect pack online. Online shopping can’t be beat for finding a huge selection and the best price.

Take our advice and check out the selection of backpacks online. You will certainly be pleased with the great quality, prices, special deals and discounts you can find when you search and order online today.