Luggage 4 you luggage & tote bags for the traveler

Luggage from Luggage 4 you comes in 3 different collections, 24/7 Day Travelers, Exploration Systems, Pack-It Accessories and the Undercover. The great aspect about all types of luggage sets from Luggage 4 you is that they includes interior and exterior mesh side pockets for extra storage and organization. These nylon duffle bags and travel luggage come in black, beige, green, gray, and blue.

Some wheeled luggage and backpack models from Luggage 4 you to check out include, Continental Journey, Workspace, Day Trek ES, Tarmac ES, Switchback Max ES, Ultimate Explorer, Point A Pilot Exp, ORV Trunk, Vagabond, Milano and High Street from Luggage 4 you.

Luggage 4 you offers a variety of different sizes to fit anything you can think. Sizes include, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 25″, 26″, 30″, 32″ or 36″ inches. So if you need duffels, backpacks or totes check out Luggage 4 you travel products.

Need more information, read online reviews from consumers at Luggage 4 you can be found online through Sonoma Outfitters, REI, Backcountry Store, Magellans, Summit Hut, Changes In Latitude, Ebags, Travel Country and Le Travel Store.

Don’t Lose Your Luggage

Weight can be determined at the time of check in; however, a person needs to keep in mind that if the bag is over a certain amount they can be charged. The TSA has advised that travelers may now carry through security checkpoints travel-size toiletries; however, the travelers must still keep these at a minimum. The TSA has a new bag screening policy which involves security agents doing a random hand search on all carry on luggage. A great deal of the material that is limited in carry on luggage is in liquid form; be for sure to check the new rules and regulations concerning liquid products.

Quality is crucial to the survival of your luggage through all the handling of it will endure while in the care of the airport staff. Regardless of the way TSA has changed the airport guidelines; you should still not be to worried about flying this was all done for the safety of the passengers. The luggage size is important when arriving at the airport; it is best to know before you arrive which pieces are carry on and which need to be checked. You can immediately identify your luggage on the baggage carousel if you tag it with a certain color of ribbon or string to help you identify your items. You can check your luggage at the check in counter to avoid having it checked while going through the security line.

With the different rules and regulations that have been implemented by the government; it is important not to break the rules when packing your luggage. Many people are uncomfortable about leaving their luggage unlocked; there are now locks designed to allow all baggage handlers access without destroying them. The luggage tag is a great invention; it allows travels to put their name and phone number on their luggage so it can be returned if it gets separated from them. Your bags could be lost or routed on a different flight while at the airport; it is important that you carry some extra cash just in case this happens.

Find out what time of the year is best to buy new luggage; this could save you quite a bit of money if you catch the right sale. With the heavy traffic in the airport it may be a wonderful idea to check your luggage; to avoid dragging it through the airport. Quality is about continual improvement no matter what the luggage may go through; the airport staff is not always careful with the handling of your bags, therefore it has to be built to last. Your bags have to be durable, affordable, and have style such that you can find with Samsonite luggage; this brand of luggage is available to every traveler online.

Buy Better Luggage That Last

The TSA has advised that travelers may now carry through security checkpoints travel-size toiletries; however, the travelers must still keep these at a minimum. The luggage made of leather is ideal for most individuals who want their luggage to last for a longer period of time. You can continue your trip with the loss of one of your bags; TSA will contact you as soon as your luggage has been found.

Regardless of the long lines at the check in counter and the long lines at the security gate; flying to your destination sure beats driving. The majority of people prefer to travel with carry on luggage to avoid the wait at the carrousel once they have arrived to their final destination.

You can live indefinitely out of your carry on luggage and enjoy the consequent benefits of not having to wait on your luggage at the carrousel. Some people will in fact pack light so they will not have any luggage to check; and so they may not have a hassle with getting their carry on luggage to fit into the overhead compartment. Weight is factored in to the equation for a reason; if you want to find out more information you can contact your local airport. Samsonite luggage will be beneficial to just about any traveler; it will not matter if you are traveling because of business or pleasure.

The TSA has a new bag screening policy which involves security agents doing a random hand search on all carry on luggage. Your bags have to be searched even when you check them; any locks placed on them will easily be snipped to allow inspection of your luggage. Many people are uncomfortable about leaving their luggage unlocked; there are now locks designed to allow all baggage handlers access without destroying them. Your bags really need to be durable, affordable, and have style such that you may find with Samsonite luggage; this brand of luggage is available to every traveler online. Some people may have taken up all the overhead room with their two carry on luggage; they fail to realize that one of those can fit underneath their seat.

There are quite a number of items or materials that can no longer be carried in your carry on luggage; be for certain you have an understanding of the new rules and regulations. The luggage tag has been a wonderful benefit for most travelers; they have found that it comes in handy when their luggage is misplaced. Alot of the luggage that will be checked at the airport will be too big or too bulky to fit in the overhead compartment on the plane.

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite Expandable Rollaboard

If you are going on a journey and miss to take a suitcase where you will keep all your stuff, you definitely are missing something. Take Travelpro Luggage Maxlite to make your journey full of fun. Do not miss this opportunity to travel without this suitcase.

Easy to carry: Whether you are taking it on a smooth or harsh path, this is going to assist you in any way. The genuine and smooth wheels are very easy to roll. It is not only the wheels but the long handle which doubles its value. Now, you can take it anywhere, on whatever journey. Its handle will help you in carrying it. These features of it add into its value. It will take only one day to get this suitcase. If you order it now you will get it tomorrow.

Durable: Whenever we think about buying any product then durability is the first thing that comes in our mind because we don’t want to waste our money in products that don’t worth it. According to many customers, this luggage bag is the most durable bag with brilliant qualities that one can ever experience.

Highly Efficient And Reliable: This suitcase is especially made up for those who have to go on long journey. We have seen many costly suitcases which claim to be the best. This is really terrible if their claims get falsified. You will feel awkward at that time, when you spent a huge amount of money and you could not get the real thing after purchasing them.

If you are looking for a highly reliable luggage bag then Travelpro is a good choice.

Samsonite Luggage 22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel

Samsonite Luggage Bag has following tremendous and catchy features

Light weight: If you are searching for something in which you can carry you clothing’s and other stuff for travel then this luggage wheeled duffel is an awesome product for you as it is light weight and easy to carry. Samsonite bag has so many pockets in which you can place much small stuff as per your requirement.

Smooth wheels: Another convenient property that we mostly look for is smoothness; this Samsonite duffel bag has smooth wheels which make it easy for travelling no matter how heavy it is because the smooth wheels make it convenient to travel with this amazing 22 inch luggage bag.

Roomy: 22-inch andante wheeled duffel has large spacing which means you can put three to four days clothes or may be more in it. Best and wonderful fact about this Samsonite duffel is that it can fit easily in flight compartment.

Not Expensive: Andante duffel bag is a stupendous bag with great price as it is not so expensive and can be afforded by everyone from rich to poor. You can buy this awesome bag from Amazon just for $35.99.

The real worth of duffel bag is only evaluated by the wise customers who gave positive reviews which clearly indicate that it is worth buying.

Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On

In today’s fast paced world, travelling has become convenient and thus to match these prerequisites, travelling light is most suited. Inventors have come up with luggage bags to enhance portability as well as feasibility for people who tend to travel often.

Flexible: Apart from all above features, being flexible it has the tendency to move freely and the risk of breaking is minimized to some extent. So, I can say that flexibility is the best and worth mentioning quality of this outstanding luggage bag.

Light weight: While choosing a suitcase or bag for travel, People’s first priority is to select the weightless bag. So, one of the amazing qualities of this bag is that it is not too heavy. Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On is the perfect result of a bold amalgamation of durability with light weight.

Easy grip Handle: Rockland luggage bag has a very easy handle which provide you best and comfortable gripping and thus the whole heavy bag become an easy to travel bag. This andante luggage bag is the best quality bag for travel.

Understanding your preferences and then matching them with the available merchandise in the market can be a time consuming task. Thus, reviews with detailed feature listings are very helpful especially for online shoppers. Without any heavy and bulky features, this carry-on luggage suitcase is the perfect suitcase for rigorous and arduous travels. It’s tough and durable features with a spacious internal compartment makes it a desirable luggage for most frequent fliers.

Product Review On Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On

Previously, you may have only seen soft cover luggage bags on airports and train terminals, however recently the trend has been changing and moving towards hard shelled cover suitcases such as those made with the ABS plastic or polycarbonate plastic. The Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On is the perfect example of a hard cover suitcase which seems to be a famous choice among women who like to travel with trendy and fashionable bags.

The Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Overview:

Picking out the perfect luggage can be a tricky task since there are so many in the market to choose from nowadays. Thus it is important to understand the features that each has to offer to you so that you may make a satisfying decision. Following is a meticulous and detailed outline of the features that the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On has to offer you.

Durable exterior: Since this resilient luggage is made of the ABS and polycarbonate material, it is highly durable, protecting your belongings from any potential harm and is also very lightweight at only 6.5 pounds. The hard cover also allows you to choose from 4 different colors and 4 different designs to match your personality and preferences. For easy mobility, the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On comes with 4 tough wheels that have the capacity to move in 8 different directions unlike other carryon suitcases. Moreover, for easy maneuverability, there is also a strong telescoping push button handle.

Roomy Interior: At only 21 inches length and 13 inches width, some people may doubt the internal capacity of the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On. However, the spacious compartment is roomy enough for you to pack easily for a weekend vacation and even after being fully stuffed to the brink; it still feels lightweight and does not exceed the carryon regulations of airlines. For added organization, the bag comes with an interior polyester lining and mesh and elastic pockets to hold your personal accessories.

Machine wash: The Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On can also be machine washed which makes this the most attractive feature of its many novel features as it cannot be found in other suitcases. Moreover, this way you don’t need to clean the luggage on your own but instead just put it in the washer for a quick wash.

The Pros and Cons of buying the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On:


  • Rotatable wheels.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Polycarbonate and ABS make it highly durable.


  • Does not have the capacity for holding last minute items.
  • May be a little big for some airplane compartments.

What do customers have to say about the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On:

Since customer feedbacks are an easy way of obtaining information pertaining to the effectiveness and working lives of any product, I also went over 200 customer feedbacks to get a thorough and extensive understanding of the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On. Over 130 people seemed to award it 5 stars which highlights a positive trend in the purchasing power of this bag. Especially women seemed to appreciate the array of designs and colors that this bag is available in as it made travelling look stylish and trendy. However, there were some people who complained that this tough bag seemed to catch on scratches very easily.


Even though the Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On may not have the capacity to hold on to any last minute extra luggage, it is none the less a perfect option for a carryon luggage especially for short trips as it can carry a good load of belongings easily without adding extra weight or exceeding the airline regulations for carryon suitcases. Moreover, you can also find it on Amazon for only $65 which is very reasonable as compared to other luggage options.

Product Review For Travelpro Luggage Crew Spinner Bag

Finding the right luggage to fit your preferences can be a tiring and strenuous task. The key is to duly understand the features that your desired product has to offer you in order to make a worthy decision.

The Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 overview:

Following is a detailed and extensive overview of the Travelpro Luggage Crew 9’s features.

Roomy Compartment: This spacious luggage comes with a 100% nylon lined interior which consists of a Deluxe Suiter system with removable padded foam bars that help keep your clothes wrinkle free and also has the ability to expand a further 2.5 inches for last minute packing items. Moreover, the interior is fully lined with a H20 guard that prevents your belongings from getting wet even if the exterior gets wet. There is also a specifically made wet pocket for storing damp clothes or cosmetics and also wide 1.5 inches cross straps that help keep your stuff in place during turbulence.

Strong exterior: Made from the 2000d twist nylon fabric, the Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 is not only light weight at 9.3 pounds, but is also water and stain resistant because of the Duraguard Ballistic nylon material. This strong luggage also comes with a Powerscope Extension Telescoping Handle which can go up to 38 and 42.5 inches for steadiness with an add-a-bag attachment system also. There are also side handles covered with soft ergonomic handle pads that allow you to grip your bag with easy as you move around a crowded airport. The polypropylene honeycomb frame along with skid bars and guards and corner guards protect your luggage from any damage. Furthermore, there is an outer pocket which can hold passports and small accessories along with a H20 guard lined pocket for water bottles.

Tough wheels: The Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 comes attached with 4 high tech spinner wheels, where the rear wheels are larger which make for easy maneuverability in tight and crowded spaces as you have the option of tipping your bag for pulling it behind you or rolling it beside you. Since these are high bounce wheels, they add to the overall durability of the bag.

The Pros and Cons of Buying the Travelpro Luggage Crew 9:


  • Light weight.
  • Larger rear wheels.
  • Sleek titanium color.


  • Only one color.
  • Easily tips when interior gravity not balanced.

What do customers have to say about the Travelpro Luggage Crew 9?

Customer feedbacks are a great source of information not only for the manufacturer but also for potential buyers since they get to better understand the product’s features as it is used in a real life setting. After going over 40 customer feedbacks, I came to a conclusion that the Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 was a famous luggage especially among flight crew members. They commented on the bag’s durability and feasibility which seemed to fit their hectic flight schedules perfectly. However, there were also a few people who complained about the bag’s central gravity which did not hold it steady if the front was overloaded and thus resulted in tripping over.


In basic layman terms, the Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 is a combination of lightweight, easy mobility and high durability. It is these features that make it a top choice for flight crews and frequent fliers. Its added features since the Crew 7 and Crew 8 models also make it a highly desirable luggage which can easily fit into any over head compartments and also holds a substantial amount of clothing. Moreover, at the moment you can easily find it on Amazon at $133 which may be more expensive than other carryon suitcases, but its features do not match any of them either.